What is the Equinox Religion Library
A platform for the presentation and delivery of all our publications -- books and journal material -- on religion and religions and also an instructional site for course/class use by instructors and students. Only subscribers can access full text but anyone can search and read abstracts.

How do I access full text?
Institutional subscriptions are validated through IP recognition. Authorized users whose institutions have acquired a book or access to a full journal in a specific collection can access the full text through the Read Online tab on the book or journal's home page. Material that is supplemental to specific collections is separately distinguished on home pages with links that take users to that sub-set of material. In addition, the abstract pages of chapters and articles provide unique links for access to those chapters/articles organized by collection.

Non-Institutional UsersIf you have your own individual subscription to one of our journals or if you have previously purchased an eBook from us, you can access full text by through Read Online tabs. You will be authenticated through the credentials you normally use for access to this material.

How is the Library Configured?
The Complete Library is made up of different sub-collections which can be ordered separately or as a complete collection:
Ancient Worlds: Greco-Roman & Near Eastern (with some Northern European, Pre-Colombian Americas)
AfroDiasporic & Indigenous Studies
Islamic Studies
New Religious Movements, Contemporary Paganisms & Western Esotericism
Religions of a Single God ( combining Biblical Studies, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, with Islamic Studies also available separately)
Religions of/in South & East Asia
Theory, Method & Special Topics

What if I want to buy a print book or eBook or take out a subscription to a journal? Can I do it here?
No, but there are links on the book and journal pages to take you where you can.

What if I want to submit a book or journal proposal? Can I do it here?
No, but there are links on the book and journal pages to take you where you can.