We are working on a full statement of accessibility for this platform. We will make sure that elements have adequate color contrast and text size, that interactive elements are large enough for touch interaction, and that visual indicators are included for element states like hover and focus.

Keyboard Compatibility

In library views, such as the home page, or pages that open from the Header (like this) and within the Manifold reader that supports the Interactive editions, the application can be navigated and interacted with using the expected keyboard controls:

Standard Navigation

Tab advances focus forward, left to right and down the page
Shift + Tab moves focus backward, right to left and up the page
Enter or Return selects

Reader Navigation

Space or Page Down advance the view down the page by a screen view
Page Up moves the view back up the page by a screen view
Up and Down keys adjust the view forward or backward by line
Home and End move view to the top or bottom of the page

Resource Navigation

The audio and video players on this platform do not currently support keyboard functionality.


Our eBooks (enhanced PDFs), as opposed to the interactive (ePub editions) hosted on this site, are remotely hosted content. Our reader offers a richly interactive and easy-to-use eBook (PDF) environment, gracefully adjusting itself to the user’s particular hardware (e.g. PC, Mac, mobile, tablet) and browser software (at a minimum being compatible with IE7) on PCs. For the best results we recommend a modern HTML5-compatible browser or any “multi-touch” compatible Android / Apple smartphone or tablet). The reader offers:
Zoom in function enabling text to be read clearly at any size
All titles are available in text-only versions and can be read by screen-reading software