Equinox Religion Library

Questions, Pathways and Resources for the Academic Study of Religion

The Equinox Religion Library is designed to support users at all stages of their pursuits, from undergraduates to postgraduates and beyond. It encompass all our digital publications on topics related to religion allowing users to discover and access content from multiple formats -- whole books, book chapters, journals and reference books. Users can also create their own personal libraries and/or private reading groups with links to unique collections of readings for courses they may be teaching where students can annotate, comment and share.

In addition to Collections which are mostly built around individual religious traditions, the site also features Thematic/Topical sub-collections that cut across religious traditions and which can be explored here.

Please note that is site is still in preparation and we are still working on adding content and indexing.

This collection includes material from 32 books and 22 journals.