Journals in the Equinox Religion Library

No More Silos!

Equinox currently publishes 18 journals devoted to the study of religion.

The Collections in the Religion Library each include subscriptions to specificCore Journals intimately related to a Collection's focus (including all archival material). These are supplemented by research articles from other Equinox journals not specializing in that subject area but which occasionally -- or frequently -- publish material that will be valuable to subscribers of that collection. An example would be the more than 37 articles originally published by the Journal for the Academic Study of Religion that are included in the South & East Asia Collection or the 34 articles from the same journal that are included in the Islamic Studies Collection. The Collections also include relevant material from some of our archaeology, linguistics and music journals.

New articles are added immediately upon publication. Editorials, book reviews and other non-peer-reviewed content are not included.

NOTE: Only the AfroDiasporic & Indigenous Studies, Islamic Studies and South & East Asia Collections show complete contents; the rest are being compiled.

Those interested in submitting to any of our journals should visit our our main site here.