The Library offers 10 main Collections most of which are built around specific religious "traditions". Libraries may buy the complete collection, a group of collections or a single collection. In addition, the Religions of a Single God Collection combines the Biblical Studies, Christianity, Islamic Studies and Judaism Collections. Whenever more than one collection is purchased the price is adjusted for any overlapping content.

All collections include complete (Core) Books and complete (Core) Journals as well as (Free) supplementary Chapters and Articles drawn from edited book collections and journals that are relevant to the collection's focus.

This platform also highlights Thematic/Topical Collections which are showcased for browsing and reference purposes and which are added to regularly.

Main Collections

AfroDiasporic & Indigenous Studies

Ancient Worlds

Biblical Studies


Encounters & Identities: Religion in Private and Public Spheres

Islamic Studies


New Religious Movements, Contemporary Paganisms & Western Esotericism

South & East Asia

Theory, Method & Special Topics