eBooks and Book Chapters

The Collections in our Religion Library include core books intimately related to the Collection's subject area. These are supplemented by chapters from other edited volumes which, as whole volumes, are not devoted to that subject area, but which include relevant material that will be valuable to subscribers of that Collection.


Textbooks may be ePub format, such as those in the Religion in Five Minutes series, and/or eBook format. As this Project develops more of our textbooks will be published in ePub format or converted to ePub. The software underlying this platform exploits the functionality of ePubs and allows annotating, highlighting, the creation of closed user groups, linking to other resources on the site (reading lists) and so forth. All of the books in the Religion in Five Minutes, for example, are available in this format and some other backlist textbooks are in the process of being converted.

More about textbooks in the Library

Reference Works

Reference works, like textbooks, are delivered in ePub format and as eBooks.