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Collections may be purchased separately and individual books may be purchased separately but these collections offer significant discounts and many additional benefits (such as significant quantities of free book chapters and journal articles and access to the interactive editions of certain books) which this site is designed to showcase.

Pricelists and Spreadsheets:
AfroDiasporic & Indigenous Studies Collection
Islamic Studies Collection
South & East Asia Collection

Pricelists for our other collections on Biblical Studies, Christianity, Judaism, New Religious Movements/Contemporary Paganisms & Western Esotericism, and Theory & Method are in preparation


Hybrid Purchase/Subscription model
Collections combine book, journal and encyclopaedic content
All collections include journal articles; some collections include complete runs of specific journals as well as selected articles from other journals
Subscribers to more than one collection are only charged once for any content that is replicated across collections to which they subscribe
Subscription prices are adjusted to reflect any current journal subscriptions already held by libraries or any prior eBook purchases
Monographs and major reference books are purchased outright
Textbooks are purchased with annual fee allowing for unlimited simultaneous access (premium option) and access to Interactive editions. Libraries may cancel the textbook "premium" option and revert to more restricted simultaneous access after three years and later elect for this to be reinstated
Core journals are supplied on an annual subscription basis with perpetual access for material published during the period that a subscription is active
Supplemental book chapters and journal articles are included in collection prices; customers have access as long as they maintain all core journal subscriptions in their collection/s
New publications, including journal articles and chapters from edited volumes are added immediately upon publication by their original source
Books and journals scheduled for the forthcoming year are included in the annual price for their scheduled publication year and, if delayed, the value is deducted from the renewal price of the subscription the following year or refunded
The collection prices are not available elsewhere


Users are authenticated based on IP range. Where a book has been adopted for a course and an interactive edition is in use, instructors and students are issued passwords that extend for the duration of the class. Such books are ePub format and are hosted on this platform

Discovery and Support

We are working with the most popular web-scale discovery services — Ex Libris Primo, EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), Proquest Summon and OCLC Worldcat Discovery — by supplying them with complete metadata and full text of our journals. We are also now doing this for our eBooks. With this information the services are able to fully index Equinox content making it more discoverable. Libraries using any one of these online services should find it easy to integrate Equinox electronic publications into their collections. We are also seeking to be included in GOBI services.

Some features to note:
All new titles available on publication
Counter-compliant usage stats
MARC records with direct link urls
IP or username/password authentication
Chapter and book level DOIs and abstracts
Long-term archiving via Portico or as arranged
Same prices as hardback print (except for textbooks)

User experience

User Experience (eBooks):
Quickly create lists to use with our research tools
Citation generation and management
Create a bibliography
Integrated with tools such as EndNote, BibTeX, etc.
Save notes/snippets on each book
Access (download, print) notes without having to find the book
Copy-and-paste and download individual PDF pages
Bookmarks can be accessed outside of books, i.e. users can view a list of bookmarks and jumpstraight into the book at that page
Fast searches of books open directly at the page of the result
Save search results for future reference and refining
Minimal DRM for package subscribers and most institutional purchases

User-Experience Interactive Books
In addition to offering Reader Group functionality for class interaction, the interactive editions which are hosted on this platform are in ePub format which allows readers to:

Read through Texts from start to finish or navigate around the Text using the reader menu bar and or by following links that have been hard-coded within the text

Navigate and adjust the look of the reading interface itself. Beside the user account icon in the top right of the menu bar, there are four icons: a notepad, an eye denoting visibility, Aa for appearance, and a magnifying glass for search

Make notes in a notepad

Adjust formatting options to adjust how the text appears in the reader, enlarge the text, choose serif or sans serif font, invert the color (black on white or white on black text), and increase or decrease the margins
Highlight text using cursor