AfroDiasporic & Indigenous Studies Collection

Pricing and Spreadsheets

This collection covers diverse geographical regions and includes traditions of the past as well as of the present and those in formation as well as African traditions in diaspora. It is concerned with the interface between the disciplines of Indigenous studies and religious studies, Indigenous religious traditions and modernity, colonial and postcolonial conditions, inter-religious studies, and local and global forces that shape these traditions, such as the driving force of Pentecostalism in Africa and elsewhere in the Global South.

As of June 9, 2023, the Collection comprises the following categories of material. all of which are identified on the accompanying Spreadsheet below or elsewhere on this site:
- 11 core eBooks (some of which are also available in ePub format)
- 1 core journal
- 34 free chapters from other Equinox books
- 218 free articles from 16 other Equinox journals

Pricing and Discounts
The price for the AfroDiasporic & Indigenous Studies Collection is £1316.00/$1737.00. This represents a 30% discount off the regular prices of the core eBooks and core journal in this collection. Additional discounts are available to institutions interested in more than one collection. Prices are adjusted for institutions that have already purchased any of the core eBooks in the collection or that already subscribe to the core journal.

Hybrid Model
eBooks are sold as outright purchase with the exception of textbooks which are leased over a period of 3 years after which they are owned outright. Core journals are sold on an annual subscription basis. The supplemental chapters and articles are supplied as part of the core journal subscription and access ceases if the core journal subscription is cancelled. After cancellation of a subscription, an institution only retains perpetual access to the issues of the core journal included in the package, not to the supplemental material.