Bulletin for the Study of Religion

Edited by:

Richard Newton, University of Alabama, USA

Complete Collection
Theory, Method & Special Topics Collection

Selected Chapters:
AfroDiasporic & Indigenous Studies
Ancient Worlds
Biblical Studies
Encounters & Identities
Islamic Studies
NRMS, Paganisms & Western Esotericism
South & East Asia

The Bulletin began life in 1971 and moved to Equinox in 2009.

The journal publishes articles that address religion in general, the history of the field of religious studies, method and theory in the study of religion, and pedagogical practices. Articles featured in the Bulletin cover diverse religious traditions from any time period (from ancient religions to new religious movements), but are typically distinguished by their social scientific methods (e.g., historical, sociological, anthropological, cognitive scientific) or critical theory apparatus (i.e., post-colonialist, post-structuralist, neo-marxist). The Bulletin is unique in that it offers a forum for various academic voices to debate and reflect on the ever-changing state of the field, and insofar as it encourages scholars continually to engage meta-level questions at the leading edge of inquiry.

This journal is included in the Complete and Theory, Method & Special Topics Collections. Subscribers can access the journal from the Read Online tab.

Selected articles are included in various other collections as designated and this will expand as more articles are indexed and added to this site.


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