Qur'anic Studies

This collection includes introductory and more scholarly material from numerous books and journals on this site. It is a subset of our larger Islamic Studies Collection which is itself a component of the larger Religions of a Single God Collection that aggregates all our material in Christianity, Judaism and Biblical Studies along with the Islamic Studies Collection.

Highlights for teaching include the translation of the Qur'an by A.J. Droge, The Qur'an: A New Annotated Translation which is also available in an interactive edition on this site.

Also included are the books in the Themes in Qur'anic Studies book series, edited by Mustapha Shah and Abdul-Hakim al-Matroudi,

Foremost among the journals represented in this collection is Comparative Islamic Studies, edited by Ulrika Mårtensson but there are also articles from other Equinox journals.

New material is added upon publication,