Archaeology of Food & Foodways

Edited by:

Shanti Morell-Hart, McMaster University, Canada
Erica Rowan, Royal Holloway, United Kingdom
Shinya Shoda, Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Japan / University of York, United Kingdom

Selected Chapters:
AfroDiasporic & Indigenous Studies
Ancient Worlds
Complete Collection
Encounters & Identities

Archaeology of Food and Foodways is an international, refereed journal showcasing original scholarly work on the relationship between human sustenance and society. This publication foregrounds the dynamics between food and culture, food and environment, and shifts in foodways over time, covering time periods from prehistory through the 19th century. We encourage the submission of original work by archaeologists, historians, Classicists, and other scholars who address methodologies, theories, historical trajectories, cross-cultural comparisons, and controversies surrounding material culture and past foodways. We also encourage the submission of work by scholars and other specialists who have applied archaeological findings to such domains as public policy, culinary arts, and dietary regimes.


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