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New Religious Movements, Contemporary Paganism, Western Esotericism

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Founded in 1997, The Pomegranate was the first peer-reviewed journal of Pagan studies and remains the leading international journal in the field. It provides a forum for papers, essays and symposia on both ancient and contemporary Pagan religious practices. The Pomegranate also publishes timely reviews of scholarly books in this growing field. It publishes both new interpretations and re-examinations of those traditions marked both by an emphasis on nature as a source of sacred value (e.g., Wicca, modern Goddess religions) as well as those emphasizing continuity with a polytheistic past (e.g., Ásatrú and other forms of 'reconstructionist' Paganism). It is also a forum for work on the interplay between Pagan religious traditions, other religious traditions, popular culture, literature, psychology and the arts.

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